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9 Ways to Enjoy Nature—Even When You’re Busy

Like the expansion of the universe, our lives seem to be accelerating exponentially every year. As our schedules become more populated with duties and commitments, it’s easy to forget about that which surrounds and supports us — Mother Nature. Communing with nature has many psychological benefits, such as reducing stress and helping us connect with others. But it also works on a much larger scale, by reestablishing a primordial connection to our environment and reinvigorating our appreciatio

Spring Cleaning for Your Health: 9 Tips

Tips to make your home healthier this Spring. When you’re cleaning your home this spring, think about all the benefits it brings. Yes, a good scrubbing removes harmful allergens and bacteria, but spring cleaning also improves your mental health. A cluttered home raises stress levels. Over time, higher stress levels lead to health issues. So think of it as cleaning for your body and mind. And don’t forget that cleaning and maintaining your home leads to annual energy savings — that makes for a h

6 Ways to Reduce Stress at the End of Your Life

Death may be the ultimate stressful moment in our lives. Just thinking about the end is enough to cause your heart to beat faster. And while some levels of depression and anxiety are inevitable, those feelings need not overwhelm the death experience for you or your family. In fact, it’s possible to die well — to experience a sense of wellbeing as you approach the end. You can leave this life with a feeling of closure and a sense of contentment. That’s the difference between completing your life

4 Ways to Be an Eco-Friendly Traveler

Our goal here at is to provide you with the honest, reliable information you need to find companies you can trust. Written by Guest | Last Updated November 1st, 2019 Our goal here at is to provide you with the honest, reliable information you need to find companies you can trust. People often think environmental responsibility stops at their front door. After we’ve weatherized our homes or created an eco-friendly kitchen, we’re usually satisfied with doing our p

5 Vacation Activities to Benefit Your Mind and Body —

Enhance Your Vacation With 5 Activities To Benefit Both Body & Mind Why do we come back from vacation feeling worse than when we left? Often, it’s from over-scheduling, over-indulging, or over-doing it in general. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are simple ways to have a healthy vacation and still enjoy yourself. One highly effective trick to returning refreshed is to choose activities that benefit your mind and body. Sure exercise and saunas are good stress relievers. But it’s not en

8 Eco-Friendly Luxury Resorts to Add to Your Travel List

This post was written by Morgen Henderson – you can read more of Morgen’s work here: Going on holiday is usually full of excess. There’s the CO emissions that travel requires, the disposable toiletries, and the waste of drive-through dining. But don’t let your accommodations become part of the problem. The first rule of an eco-friendly holiday is “do no harm”, a philosophy few lodges, hotels, and resorts can claim they follow. While there are many tips o

Smart Homes and Cybersecurity: What New Parents Need To Know

Imagine having dinner with your family when you suddenly get an alert on your smartphone. It’s your baby monitor app alerting you: “Your camera is being operated.” You see a live video feed. The monitor’s camera slowly pans across your bedroom and stops at your baby’s bassinet. Your spouse isn’t controlling the camera. They’re sitting right next to you. Someone else is. In fact, a cyber thief has hacked into your smart device and is spying on you and your family. This is more than a creepy scenario; it actually happened to one South Caroline stay-at-home mom.

Why Eco-Friendly Travel is Important and How You Can Do It

Traveling is a carbon-heavy activity. There’s the fuel needed to get to your destination. Then the consumption and excess — the eating out, hotel services, rental cars. That’s why being an eco-friend traveler is essential, whether you’re staying in a minimalist hostel or an over-the-top cruise ship suite. Sustainable travel is easy when you have a plan. Here are some ways to lower your carbon footprint and travel eco-friendly when planning your next vacation. • None Use Energy Like at Home When

5 Ways Climate Change is Affecting Outdoor Recreation

When it comes to the importance of climate change, we often give little attention to how it impacts our recreational time. How will the effects of global warming change what we do outdoors.? While the impacts of climate change on outdoor recreation are less pressing than others — such as property damage and food shortages — the impacts on our outdoor activities are still important considerations. For one, less recreation means our lifestyles become even more sedentary. For another, less time in

The future of influencer marketing won’t involve influencers

Imagine if John Wayne had an Instagram account today. His profile picture shows him confidently smoking a Camel, with a simple caption containing a heartfelt testimonial: “I choose CAMELS for their flavor and for their cool, cool mildness.” But no one cares. No one feels the pull to go out and buy a pack. Wayne’s comment section overflows with followers demanding to know what specifically he likes about Camels, how they compare to other brands he’s tried, and whether Camels are made from organi

Why We Need to Take Climate Change Seriously

Climate change involves and impacts every system within the planet, from ecosystems to fresh water distribution. It’s infinitely complex. But while many causes are still unknown, we do know that the earth’s temperature is rising and that human activity is contributing to the temperature spike noted since with the Industrial Revolution. While common climate change culprits include increased use of fossil fuels and rising levels of CO2, other causes are lesser known. For example, methane gas from

What are the real benefits of a smart home?

The new will bring faster wireless speeds and bigger capacities. The internet of things will take a big leap forward, and with it, the growth of smart homes. Today’s modern refrigerators, washers, dryers, and TVs come standard with a wireless connection. And popular virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are serving as smart home hubs — letting homeowners control everything from lighting to sprinkler systems. Smart homes and smart devices are popular because of the following

How To Pick The Best Pillow

Our pillow may be our closest bedding buddy. Most of us spend eight hours each day face-to-face, as it were, with our fluffy friend. We share our dreams, whispering our deepest secrets … Ok, that’s getting a bit creepy, but Americans do love their pillows. In fact, 91 percent of us think our pillow affects the quality of our sleep. But the humble pillow has had a mixed history. The Greeks, for example, enjoyed owning lavishly embroidered pillows for resting their heads. The Egyptians spared no e

How Secure is My Password? - Panda Security Blog

Recently, researchers found an Equifax portal guarding access to 14,000 personal records being secured by the password “admin/admin”. The issue has since been fixed, but the example highlights the lack of importance given to password creation that continues to plague cyber security for businesses and individuals. Most people still use passwords that are easy for cyber thieves to guess despite the devastating effects of identity theft. But the problem isn’t just about carelessness; it’s about hu

6 Reasons Why Classrooms Need To Implement Blended Learning | Emerging Education Technologies

Technology continues to transform today’s classrooms. And teaching methods have changed to fit the expectations, learning styles, and interests of students. Today, blended learning is fast becoming a preferred teaching strategy for all grade levels. It's popular because it effectively combines the benefits of traditional instruction with online learning. Blended learning has many benefits, whether it’s cutting overhead costs or using online examine practice to lower test anxiety. Here are six r

9 Sensors Every Smart Home Needs

Today’s homeowners know how important it is to protect their investments, whether from intrusion, fire, earthquake or flood. But you can’t always be at home and every second matters when things go wrong. Smart home devices and sensors can make the difference for time-sensitive emergencies by saving you time, protecting your possessions and preventing anxiety. The marketplace is saturated with dozens of smart home sensors, which provide a wealth of real-time information to homeowners by sensing w

How to Make Money in Retirement

Many retirees have turned side interests into income. Learn how to make money in retirement, including getting started, getting funding and what it means for taxes. Seniors certainly have the same drive and entrepreneurial skills as any other age group. Many who want to learn how to make money in retirement turn to their hobbies as jumping off spots for launching a small business. If you match the right hobby with the right business plan, you can make it work. Here are some ways to make money i

Help! I'm a Remote Worker in a Tiny Apartment

How are you going to stay productive with the TV right there? What about when the kids get home after school? The distractions seem endless, but don’t lose hope. Working remotely from a small apartment is more than doable with the right plan. When considering how to carve out the best workspace in your apartment, find a spare space like an extra room or empty corner that presents enough space to hold you and all of your tech.  Potential areas include dining rooms, breakfast nooks, space under s
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